• Getz Lithuania becomes the official distributor of WD-40 in Lithuania

    In october 2019 Getz Lithuania becomes the official distributor of WD-40 in Lithuania. WD-40 is a USA, California-based, company specializing in household and multifunctional products, including its best-known brand WD-40. Since April 2018, company has marketed its products in over 176 countries.

  • Manufacturing of a new series of antifreeze and batteries is being commenced

    Following the market tendencies, the company “Getz Eesti” has commenced distribution of budget class antifreezes and trade of batteries. The brand called Nordline represents antifreezes, while Nordic Power carries the name of batteries, thus, from now on, labelling a composition of high quality components in the market. Reacting to the demand-related market tendencies, budget class antifreeze Nordline will be available to the buyers in all three Baltic States.

  • Change of company name

    UAB Getz Medical Baltic, the vendor of car maintenance products and accessories, is changing its name into UAB Getz Lithuania. Companies of the Getz group have been operating in the Baltic States for more than 20 years and are market leaders in wholesale trade of automotive products.